Opening of the room at the Table postponed


Room at the Table Inc (RATT) was scheduled to have its grand opening this weekend, which was slated for Saturday, May 29 from 10 a.m. at the State Gliding Center.

Unfortunately, this had to be postponed until next month.

“We have to cancel a weekend of costumes, dungeons and dragons, modern board games and collectible card games,” a RATT spokesperson said.

“Our new signs were going up today, but we’ll wait until the lockdown is over now. The mayor was coming and the sign was coming to take pictures.

“We were also going to create a new RATT Facebook page with all of the old Benalla Wizards pages pointing to it.

“At least for us, the grand opening is only postponed, not canceled forever. We have tentatively reserved June 26 and 27 as a new date.

Instead, the group will be holding what it describes as a digital “grand nope-ening”.

“So instead of meeting face to face, we will be posting links on our RATT Discord server and Benalla Wizards Facebook pages to various podcasts and videos of costumes, dungeons and dragons, modern board games and games. of collectible cards, ”the spokesperson said.

“We’re also going to take pictures of the board games we play over the weekend and install them, encouraging others to do that as well.

“We’ll ask people to post photos of their dream costume project, recommend cartoons and board games, remind people to fill out our surveys, ask people to share their favorite game, post links to free games and whatever else you want. otherwise we think it might work.

“The instant lock also meant that the group of anime fans who were heading to the Mansfield Armchair Cinema to see the animated film Demon Slayer Mugen Train on Tuesday will sadly miss that experience.”

Keep an eye on the Ensign for confirmation of the official opening of the rescheduled band.

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