Pattaya Survivors: Big Beautiful Burritoz or 3Bz Burritoz

Jose, Mickey and Ploy make it a success.

Good Mexican food is no stranger to Pattaya, but the take-out canteen on Soi Bongkot (Soi 3) is in a class of its own. 3Bz Burritoz is run by Ploy, a Thai lady who started selling Italian pizza near Lake Mabprachan in 2015, moved on to experimenting with Mexican dishes, and three years later opened a restaurant in Soi Korphai in Pattaya. before moving to the current base about eight months ago. “I started with chicken burritos,” she says, “and expanded the menu by listening to customers and taking their advice”.

Her US-born husband Mickey, raised in Chicago, a city with very strong Mexican elements, worked full-time as the COO of a Shanghai-based high-tech company, but spent much of the time. of his time in Thailand. “I quickly realized that Ploy is a genius in multinational cuisine and that customers love his product,” he explains. The company is also fortunate to have Jose, a Burmese flatbread baker with 12 years of experience in Pattaya: 3bz Burritoz is a very good example of teamwork being the basis of success.

Mexican take-out and delivery service also depends on other factors. There is a large loyalty market consisting mainly of Farang customers who were transferred after the closure of the Soi Korphai branch. Plus, it’s one of the few businesses in Pattaya to be promoted on Goku Food, a Chinese app popular with Chinese residents in the city. Additionally, Ploy has invested time and energy in shipping Mexican food online to other parts of the country, using Kerry Express and other transportation options.

First and foremost, there is customer service. It’s a well-known adage that marketing is about repeat business, not just new customers, and 3Bz Burritoz has certainly taken that message to heart. You only have to take a look at the comments on the most popular social media sites related to Pattaya to see the truth about it. There is currently a 20 percent discount on some menu items. Search them on Facebook and enter all the details.

So if you are a Mexican foodie or don’t know your burrito from your nacho or your taco from your quesadilla, this is the place to satisfy any palate. The menu is expanding quickly, so watch out for additions. In the pipeline are already Churoo Chips (a crispy but sweet dessert) and Jalapeno Popper (cream cheese, bacon and other irresistible items). Vegetarians are also welcome. If you’re already hungry, call them on 099 357 5513. It’s a safe bet for Pattaya survivors.

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