Pleasantville Joins Growing List of NJ Schools Going Virtual

Pleasantville public schools have switched to virtual learning due to the high number of COVID cases among students and staff.

In a letter posted to the Pleasantville School District website, Acting Superintendent of Schools Karin Farkas wrote that students in all grades would be required to attend virtual lessons that would follow their daily classroom schedule through to the classroom. ‘to Monday January 24.

“The health and safety of our staff and students remains a priority for our district. We appreciate your flexibility and understanding during this uncertain time.”

Pleasantville High School sports will continue to be played and played during this virtual time with adjusted spectator guidelines. All practices and games will be closed to spectators until the school returns to in-person learning.

While individual schools and districts may choose to go remotely in consultation with their local health officials, Gov. Phil Murphy said there would be no e-learning mandate across the country. the state.

“Be clear: we currently have no intention or plan to close our schools. We don’t want to go back to distance learning, which is suboptimal in terms of learning and teaching, ”Murphy said at last week’s press conference.

Staff cases increased by almost 60% between December 13 and 19, while student cases rose 33% over the same period, according to the state.

While Pleasantville Public Schools are the first school district to go virtual since this latest surge in COVID, several other school districts in Cape May and Cumberland counties have also turned to temporary distance learning.

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In Cumberland County …

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