Popular restaurant opens brand new location in Shelton

Fans of a popular Mexican restaurant now have two options with the opening of a second location in Fairfield County.

For years, El Gallo Dorado in Monroe has been the go-to spot for tacos, burritos, and a whole range of Mexican fare without having to make a trip south of the border.

Now fans can visit the restaurant at its second location which opened in January in Shelton at 503 Howe Ave.

The restaurant, known for its homemade guacamole and big burritos, has the exact same menu and, according to online reviews, is just as good.

“We moved from Monroe to Shelton and missed El Gallo Dorado food and drove the trip a few times,” John J. said on Yelp. “We were beyond thrilled when we saw they would be opening in Shelton and luckily the food is exactly the same as Monroe’s.”

Some favorites, according to online reviewers, include the aforementioned burritos, Al Pastor tacos, and hot sauce, to name a few.

The restaurant itself is small and only has five tables that can each seat four people, so be prepared to wait or order takeout.

Service is quick and efficient, according to reviews.

To order, call 203-513-2416.

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