Randolph County Restaurant Health Levels, Restaurants Pass Inspections

Picture yourself having dinner at a favorite restaurant and peek at the next table to find a family of unwanted pests enjoying their own meal. This is why sanitary inspections are of vital importance.

Randolph County is full of many restaurants and eateries. These restaurants must undergo health inspections to ensure the safety of employees and residents who dine there.

When an establishment goes through the licensing process, the inspection determines whether menus and daily tasks can be performed in the building. Based on this review, a food service company is assigned an inspection between one and four.

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The number on the frequency determines the number of inspections of an establishment. For example, frequency I corresponds to one inspection per year, while frequency III requires three.

These frequencies are based on the five most common risk factors associated with foodborne illness. Other reasons for frequent inspections include:

  • Complex operations such as conditioning in reduced oxygen, bean germination or product acidification are checked four times a year.
  • Facilities that process or portion raw meats or cook and cool three foods are inspected three times a year.
  • Facilities that cool two or less products or only use raw material temperature control for ready-to-cook safety products are inspected twice a year.
  • If a facility does not prepare temperature control for food safety products but washes multipurpose eating and drinking utensils, they will only be inspected once a year.

F&L Environmental Health Supervisor Jaron Herring said the five common risk factors include poor personal hygiene, improper storage temperatures, improper cooking times and temperatures, food from unsafe sources and food coming into contact with contained equipment.

“The main focus of the inspection is focused on these risk factors, with good retail practices such as the cleanliness and repair of floors, walls and ceilings being taken into account as we assess these main factors. risk, ”Herring said.

Randolph County public health officials believe it is important for residents to be educated about the safety and sanitation of the places they eat. To do this, anyone interested in the rating system can visit the Randolph County Environmental Health Web page.

The website filters every establishment, whether it is restaurants, mobile catering or accommodation. It also displays the inspection date range and grade ranges such as A (90+), B (80-89.5), and C (70-79.5).

Any establishment that obtains a score of less than 70% has its permit immediately revoked. They must apply for a new permit, demonstrating their ability to comply with the Food Code before obtaining a new permit.

Herring said getting less than a C is an extremely rare event that hasn’t happened since he debuted in 2012.

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According to Herring, the way an establishment is ranked takes risk factors into account. Violations directly related to risk factors have higher drawbacks than those considered good retail practice. Good Retail Practices, Foodborne Illness Risk Factors, and Public Health Interventions are two columns inspectors walk through.

“If an item is marked as non-compliant, the inspector then decides on a point value for the score ranging from zero points for minor issues or new requirements in place,” Herring said. “Half credit for single occurrences, or full credit for repeated violations or violations of a flagrant nature. All of these scores are then counted to determine the final installation score. “

Herring said the tool allows many people to make informed decisions when they go out to eat. Here is a list of popular restaurants that have achieved an A rating:

  • Magnolia 23 – 23 S Fayetteville Street, Asheboro
  • 42 Diner – 191 Highway 42 North, Asheboro
  • La Table – 139 South Church Street, Asheboro
  • Highway 55 – 985 High Point Street, Randleman
  • Betty’s Kitchen – 116 A West Academy Street, Randleman
  • Main Street South Steakhouse – 615 South Main Street, Randleman
  • 766 Café – 766 S Greensboro Street, Liberty
  • Hurricane Jane’s – 161 S Greensboro Street, Liberty
  • Ya’ll Come Back Cafe – 119 S Fayetteville Street, Liberty
  • BBQ Joe’s Country Cooking – 4873 Highway 62, Trinity
  • Hillsville Family Café – 852 Hillsville Road, Trinity
  • Mama’s Kitchen – 7074 Highway 62, Trinity
  • Burrito Brothers Mexican Restaurant – 136 Brady Street, Ramseur
  • Mona Lisa Restaurant – 133 N Brady Street, Ramseur
  • Ramseur Country Diner – 140 N Brady Street, Ramseur
  • Franklinville Diner – 159 West Main Street, Franklinville
  • Seagrove Family Restaurant – 8702 Old US Hwy 220, Seagrove
  • Captain Tom’s Seafood – 320 Browns Crossroads Road, Staley

Here is a list of popular restaurants that have received a B rating:

  • Tienda Mexicana Los Potrillos – 2419 N Fayetteville Street #B, Asheboro
  • Golden Garden Restaurant – 203 English Street, Asheboro
  • Coach’s Neighborhood Grill – 421 Highway 49, Asheboro
  • Red Zone Sports Bar and Grill – 725 South Main Street, Randleman

Herring wants residents to know that inspections are a one-moment snapshot in a single day of operating a food business. He thinks restaurants have good days and bad days.

“If an establishment keeps a high score, (but) receives a low score, then on the next inspection it reverts to the high level you are used to, this may indicate that the restaurant was having a bad day.”

The supervisor advises residents to review inspection trends for a favorite restaurant before deciding against it.

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