Restaurant in Colchester unable to use disabled toilet in Table Table rammed

A FRIEND of a diner in a wheelchair says his trip to the restaurant turned out to be ‘stressful’ due to the inaccessibility of disabled toilets.

Anita Smith, 53, visited the Balkerne Gate Table, in Ipswich Road, Colchester, with her close friend Debra Frisby, 63, and the couple enjoyed plates of great food.

However, when Debra went to use the nearby disabled toilet, she was confronted with a cluttered room with six diaper and toilet bins.

Due to the lack of space, she was unable to easily move around with her wheelchair in a safe enough position to use the facility.

Anita then heard Debra’s wheelchair crash into the trash cans and thought she had fallen.

Looking for her friend, Anita then approached a restaurant worker to ask him to remove the bins, but she said they saw no problem.

“I discussed it with an assistant manager who when I asked his opinion told me that there was no problem,” added Anita

“He didn’t even try to move the boxes around for easier access, which I can’t believe.

“Aren’t managers trained in disability, equality and accessibility? How is a disabled adult supposed to use this toilet?

“The food was excellent, but it’s a shame that the disabled toilet is used as storage. It was stressful and honestly I don’t think it was taken seriously.

Since the incident, Debra and Anita have filed complaints with Table Table and bosses are now said to be investigating the incident and trying to establish what happened.

In a response sent to Debra that was seen by the Gazette, a spokesperson said the company understands the couple’s reaction to the situation.

He said: “We can fully appreciate the frustration caused by this.

Thurrock Gazette: Congested - Debra Frisby's friend Nanita Albone, 53, says there were six diaper and sanitary bins in the disabled toilets

“We want to assure you that we take matters like this seriously and that your feedback has been recorded and shared with the teams for internal retrieval.

“We apologize this had such a negative impact on your visit, but we hope you will consider us in the future.”

Table Table has been contacted for comments and more information.

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