Restaurants and hospitality need to get a better experience

Are “trend visits” the new solution for catering brands seeking to capture the capricious post-Covid consumer? Defined as highly personalized encounters for foodservice professionals seeking the latest menu innovations, these enhanced experiences, delivered by CSSI, can solve the rise in consumer expectations for foodservice over the past two years. .

Think of it this way: After pandemic-induced takeout options took over, you’d think people would be happy to go out and eat anywhere. But this is not the case. Perhaps they have learned to enjoy their homes better and cook better, and as a result view travel and dining as more of a splurge than something they feel compelled to do. Additionally, rising prices coupled with supply chain issues and labor shortages have undoubtedly added to consumer concerns.

Whatever the reason, it’s clear that brands in the restaurant industry have had to raise their “experience” game to attract new customers. Many restaurants recognized this at the start of the pandemic and used the strong emotional attachments people have to restaurants to pivot, get creative and provide unique dining experiences at home, like local Mexican restaurants selling crafting kits. home tacos and Baskin-Robbins. selling DIY sundae bars.

In addition to taking their CX up a notch, the industry is also challenged to continue providing the same level of food quality despite the fact that ingredients or components specific to the most popular menu items are now more difficult to obtain. find and more expensive. Managing increased consumer expectations with the constant pressure to continue to deliver a quality product is a cause for concern for everyone in the industry, from mums to global brands.

The solution for inspiration is trend tours. These enhanced experiences designed for restaurant brands and food and beverage manufacturers immerse cross-functional teams in what’s happening, from local articulations to international nuances, including meal ideas, different packaging concepts and combinations of unique flavors that appeal to consumers in different parts of the world. Inspiration can come from anywhere, and quite honestly, some of the things other countries are doing with food products are mind-blowing, even for someone who isn’t a foodie at all. Trend tours lead to discovery and excitement that directly fuel the development of successful business plans.

Taking inspiration from the palaces and innovations of other countries is only the first phase. The second phase is to put this inspiration into action in your business in an effective way. Try new menu ideas and concepts and immediately solicit consumer feedback on social media. Regularly nurture your own innovation by regularly thinking about what’s “new, now and coming” to stay ahead and keep your brand as fresh as your salads.

The lines are increasingly blurring between restaurants and consumer packaged goods – Rao’s was once an incredibly hard-to-reach little Italian restaurant on New York’s Upper West Side, but now its soups, sauces and famous lasagnas are available in grocery stores. Across the country. Conversely, Cinnabon was something special that you only indulged in at the mall or the airport; now its distinct brand is licensed to coffee creamers and home baking products.

How do you inspire consumers today? How do you create food and drink experiences out of the way we live our lives now after the lifestyle change we all just went through? The one constant guideline is that it’s always about the consumer experience.

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