REVIEW: Dockside Diner reopens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios with all-new entrances, Blue Sea Margarita and Seaside Brownie


Dockside Diner has reopened at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The revamped menu includes three new courses, a Blue Sea Margarita and a Seaside Brownie. We were there when the quick service point reopened. Let’s see the new offers.


Dockside Diner is open for the first time since March 2020. Also along Echo Lake, the Tune-In Lounge reopened today.


The quick service location is inside the SS Down the Hatch.


Ours was the first order of the day. The Cast Members were kind enough to mark the occasion by posing for a photo.


The three new starters are served in cardboard trays and include homemade fries. The homemade fries are excellent. They are cut thick and sprinkled with Old Bay seasoning.

Shrimp salad roll – $ 13.49

Shrimps, arugula, tomatoes, marinated minced fennel and sliced ​​radish mixed with a remoulade sauce on a brioche butter bun served with seasoned homemade chips


Despite the many ingredients in the shrimp roll, it tastes very basic. These are chilled shrimp on a bun with a light amount of sauce.


Sometimes simplicity is good. The dish is light and simple. If you like shrimp, you will be in for a treat.


Smoked Fish Dip – $ 10.99

Served with seasoned homemade chips, celery, carrots, jalapeños and pickles


Unfortunately, the smoked fish dip is mostly made of mayonnaise and vinegar. It has little or no fishy taste. While avoiding “fish” isn’t always a bad thing, we expected it to be more forward thinking.


A side of pickled vegetables is included. The cup contains jalapeños, cucumbers and onions. The vegetables have a strong vinegar taste. If you love pickled pickles, you will love veggies. However, the vegetables did not complement the smoked fish dip, as the dip already had a strong vinegar taste.

Chipotle Chicken Salad Roll – $ 9.99

Roasted pulled chicken salad with red onions, celery, tomatoes and watercress mixed with chipotle aioli and topped with fried onions on a buttery brioche bun served with seasoned house fries


The Chipotle Chicken Salad Roll is the star of Dockside Diner’s comeback.


It contains a generous serving of tender chicken mixed with a delicious chipotle aioli. We found it to be perfectly spicy.


Fried onions add a bit of crunch. The buttered brioche roll is soft and tasty.


We would order the chipotle chicken salad roll again.

Blue Sea Margarita – $ 16.00

Tequila Patrón Silver, Blue Curacao Bowls and Sweet and Sour


The pre-mixed margarita is only slightly higher than the base. It has a syrupy, sweet and sour base.


Blue curacao adds a nice fruitiness to an otherwise simple margarita.


We got to taste the tequila; it was fluid, as we expect from Patrón.


The Blue Sea Margarita is fine, but we recommend a visit to the Tune-In Lounge for cocktails, especially at this price.

Seaside brownie – $ 4.79

Chocolate brownie topped with white chocolate ganache and seaside garnish


While it looks impressive, the Seaside Brownie is a standard Walt Disney World brownie under oceanic toppings.


Unspecified blue topping is slightly runny and tasteless. The white chocolate ganache is also tasteless.


The brownie itself is dense and rich, but not unique. We recommend this treat only for its visual appeal.

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