Robots serve food to diners at newly opened Noida restaurant

Robots serving food in a restaurant may look like a scene straight out of a sci-fi movie, but this was realized in a newly opened restaurant in Noida’s Sector 104.

Well, if you’re not too keen on being greeted with the warmth and caring hospitality of the waiters and are more interested in a futuristic experience, then head straight to the Yellow House Restaurant Robot – a Rajasthani-themed restaurant where two robots, named Ruby and AI-powered Diva, greet customers at this outlet, which launched a month ago on April 16.

Run by Jaipur-based company TLC Hospitality, which opened the restaurant’s first branch in Jaipur in 2019, the restaurant serves various cuisines and is billed as Noida’s first robot-assisted restaurant.

“We have three branches of Yellow House Robot Restaurant in Jaipur and the fourth was launched in Noida last month. Compared to Delhi and Gurgaon, Noida was a lucrative option for landlords to develop in the NCR due to low rents and a developing and growing market,” said Prakash Sharma, Property Development Team Manager. company franchises.

The restaurant has 14 tables for customers and two robots that serve them. According to its owners, the robots have reduced labor by 25%. “Usually in a 2,600 foot restaurant, at least nine servers are needed, but with the help of our robots, we are able to operate smoothly with just four servers,” said Harsh Surana, Director of TLC Hospitality. , adding that the robots are manufactured by the company in Jaipur.

“The robots work on an AI-based technology which has been patented by our engineers. The robots need 2-3 hours of charging, after which they can work for more than 12 hours. There is a remote sensor , where we pass the table number to the robots and they walk towards the customer with the food. The technology also uses Google navigation. If there is an obstacle in front of them, the robots stop immediately,” said Surana .

Speaking about how customers have reacted to this new technology, Surana added, “Customer response is as expected…we predicted it would be a hit with customers.”

Varun Khera, President of the National Restaurant Association of India (Noida Chapter), said these unique concepts are helping to attract more diners to Noida, thus boosting the hotel sector in the city.

“Diners love to try new experiences and with Noida offering a robot-assisted restaurant, it could go a long way in making the city a welcoming hub,” he said.


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