Rochester Food Supports – Here’s How to Vote

Trent Jones is quickly becoming a household name in the Rochester Food World. His love for food and food rating led him to create Rochester’s Food Brackets on Spotted in Rochester and the tournament of delights is launched!

Wait, did you say Rochester food carriers?

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Yes, yes I said Rochester food carriers. As you can see in the image above, it’s like March Madness, but instead of sweaty, smelly basketballs and basketball courts, the playground is our paddles and our sense of adventure. .

“I’ve always liked to rate food, does that make sense? For example, with my wife, I try to think of the five best places I’ve eaten since I moved here to Rochester” , said Trent Jones on Y-105FM. Morning show with James Rabe. He had the idea to do it on Spotted In Rochester and when he posted the idea it just took off and the parentheses were born.

The rules were simple, no chains, just local restaurants.

Check Out This Historic Rochester Restaurant Location For Sale

Check Out This Historic Rochester Restaurant Location For Sale

There are unusual matches!

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Did Trent create the matches? “Yeah,” he laughs, “I’m trying to tell people, I just put in this bracket generator. I probably could have taken it a step further and made different regions of different varieties of bars and grills or a region gourmet. But then I was like, you know, I don’t have a lot of time. It’s just a fun thing.”

It’s just a fun thing, so when you vote, please don’t be rude or demand changes. If you want to take the survey, you’ll need to keep an eye on Spotted in Rochester. It’s a volunteer-run page and they approve posts when they can, so there’s no specific time when you’ll see the polls go up. But when they do, they look like this:

Spotted in ROchester sample survey

Sample Spotted In Rochester Poll

Will you be providing updates on Rochester food support?

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You bet. When the first round is over, we’ll talk to Trent and do a recap! Listen to the conversation with him today, just click play!

Has anyone ever compiled a list of all the restaurants in Rochester? Yes… well, almost all of them anyway. Check it out.

Rochester restaurants from A to Z (almost)

Next time you’re trying to figure out where to eat in Rochester, just pick a letter from A to Z and scroll down a bit to see which restaurant you’re going to eat at tonight. It’s the easiest way to make a decision! DISCLAIMER: If you select “x” or “y”, you will need to select again.
Attachment-Play 8 Rochester Area Golf Courses (1)

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