Someburros coming to Peoria, Goodyear

A group of locally owned and family-operated restaurants offering authentic Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine is opening restaurants in Peoria and Goodyear.

Someburros, with recipes passed down through generations in the Vasquez family, will open a new location in the fall in Peoria at the northeast corner of Thunderbird Road and 83rd Avenue, as well as a location in the spring in Goodyear, at the southwest corner of Rue Van Buren and Estrella Parkway.

The move to Peoria and Goodyear is an expansion that will build on its current 12 locations statewide. CEO and owner Tim Vasquez said growth in the West Valley has been a long-standing goal for the company.

“We have been honored to build such a large footprint in the East Valley over the past 35 years and are thrilled with the opportunities we have had to share my Nana’s recipes with so many happy families,” a- he declared.

The Vasquez family is behind the Hispanic family restaurant group that owns Poncho’s, Someburros and Isabel’s Amor. The Vasquez family opened the first Someburros in Tempe in 1986 and in 2021 the group celebrated its 35th anniversary.

Husband and wife duo, Eusevio “Poncho” Vasquez and Isabel Vasquez, opened their first restaurant, Poncho’s, in 1972, which featured matriarch Isabel’s recipes for authentic Sonora-style Mexican cuisine.

The Vasquez family home that once stood behind the original takeout is now the full-service restaurant that has become a South Phoenix staple today.

Vasquez said Peoria and Goodyear are perfect choices for future locations because they’re vibrant communities filled with family-friendly residential areas, strong businesses and great schools.

“We are excited to open the new locations and share our authentic Sonora-style Mexican cuisine with communities,” he said. “We look forward to giving back and making a difference in communities as well. »

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