The 17 best items from the 2022 Walt Disney World Food And Wine Festival

During World War II, American soldiers often told reporters that they fought hard to preserve the American way of life, saying they were fighting for “mommy and apple pie.” This therefore helped to create the expression “As American as mom and apple pie”. However, before these proclamations, apple pie had a long history. When European settlers first settled in Jamestown, they brought apples with them, which was the beginning of America’s obsession with apples. Before that, the only native apple tree to grow in America was the crabapple tree, but because apples pollinate so easily, by 1800 Americans were already growing over 14,000 kinds of apples, but these were mostly for cider.

Even still, apple pies followed in later decades. Epcot celebrates this love of apples with a large space dedicated to apple treats called Appleseed Orchard. You’ll find it under the main Canadian pavilion following a path that leads through the Victorian gardens. In this area you will find air conditioning, excellent ciders, apple pie and frozen apple pie. This little drink is dessert in a cup, and it comes with a strudel topping that makes the drink taste like apple pie.

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