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Gabriel Barajas, its owner, went from one point of sale to four in a short time.

Gabriel says that the success of a restaurant depends on how well its preparations catch the attention of customers. If your food is good, no one in this world can stop you from making your dreams and cravings come true. He tasted success, but after going through a lot of difficult times that taught him to face difficult times with open arms. If you focus on your goals, nothing in this big world can stop you from achieving your dreams. There is no shortcut to success, and you have to go through tough times to see the bright side and be successful.

Gabriel’s family emigrated from San Fernando to Concecion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico, and then decided to return to where they belonged. Building a new life from scratch was difficult, but Gabriel’s father was a tough guy and with his guts created a furniture showroom that grew from the start. The positive response encouraged them to open a second outlet which fell flat on its feet. He was unable to figure out what was wrong. There were tough times and he had to take care of his family by providing for himself and this led him to establish a hot dog outlet. His food business started to grow, paving the way for a restaurant he named “Quieres TacosWay”. The restaurant wasn’t picking up speed and he tried every trick in the book to get it noticed. Abstaining for long hours to get the restaurant’s pickup pace was not good either. It was then that his friend suggested that he capitalize on social networks to promote the brand to a large clientele. Gabriel even released a theme song along with a music video to create a better impact. It started to increase his followers online and his restaurant quickly resumed operations.

Today it has grown to a total of four restaurants, and a long line of food lovers can be seen outside each outlet waiting to grab their favorite Mexican dish.

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