The Day – Stumble Inne in a new pub in Old Lyme


What was once the Public House in the Old Lyme Mall is now the Stumble Inne. To easily sell smart names that also looked at Inne’s old iteration, curiosity required a trip back to 90 Halls Road.

For those who remember the Public House, the layout will seem familiar: bar to the right, dining room to the left, with plenty of space in both areas. The decor has taken on a sport-bar-casual twist, and the TV screens in each room are tuned to the day’s sport-ball matches.

Of course, the menu should match the venue, and you’ll find several match-day delicacies on the menu at Inne. Among them is the Buffalo Chicken Dip ($ 10.50), one of our guilty pleasures that I no longer need to prepare at home. We’ll just go to Inn when the need arises. Cooked to perfection, the balance of tangy buffalo sauce, cream cheese, and grated chicken was perfect in the flavor and texture departments. Note: The menu indicates that the dip is accompanied by tortilla chips. Ours came with something like light and crispy pita chips, which tasted really good with the thick, filling dip.

We had plenty of tortilla chips pretty early on with our order of Spicy Stumble Chili ($ 7.50), a variety of beef and beans topped with cheddar cheese and green onions. It sounded like the perfect topper for a long week. While we enjoyed the defined kick of spice and texture from the chili, the overwhelming overall sweetness was unexpected. Too much mole spice, maybe? The salty crisps and the dollop of cheese make up for some of the sweetness, but we would have preferred something more salty and spicy.

If you’re craving a big old sandwich, consider the New Yorker ($ 15; served with fries), a sandwich filled with lean pastrami, Swiss cheese, tomato, coleslaw, and 1000 Island dressing on thick chunks of beautifully grilled rye. That was delicious ? You bet. The coleslaw was pretty crispy (my preference) and the pastrami was quite tender, BUT it collapsed after the first bite and my hands quickly got covered in that taste. I had to knife and fork the rest of the way. Make sure to ask for extra towels.

We went a bit off the beaten track for our sample appetizers (in the Stumble Favorites section of the menu). The menu has a wide array of options ranging from Fish & Chips ($ 18.50) to Beef Burrito ($ 18). As fans of all things Mexican, we had to try the burrito, which came with a friendly warning from the waiter: the thing is huge. The size almost justifies the hefty price tag, but if one person ate the whole thing, that person could probably skip the next few days of meals. The giant burrito is filled with seasoned ground beef, rice, fries, shredded lettuce and tomatoes, along with sour cream, green onions and enchilada sauce. We’ve had better burritos, we’ve had worse. This one is great, but it won’t tick the box if you’re really in the mood for Mexican food. The beef offered a delicious heatstroke, but it was a bit buried in all the other toppings.

As for starter number two, the Rigatoni Marinara ($ 16.50; also available with Alfredo sauce; add-ons available), we once again encountered overly sweet notes at the marinara. The sweetness of the sauce became too distracting for me, and I wished I had added chicken or shrimp (an extra $ 4 and $ 6, respectively), which might have balanced things out a bit more. On the plus side, the order was generous in size and the pasta cooked just right.

Now up to a home run: The Stumble Burger ($ 15; served with cut-into-ply fries), which satisfied the roll of fresh, shiny brioche to the hand-formed patty and generous portion of bacon in between. the two. All three maintained the exact texture you would want in such a build, and lettuce and tomato added a refreshing crunch throughout. I ordered it cooked to perfection and the kitchen understood it.

The grand slam home run? Friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere (the karaoke night must be fabulous!)

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