The disturbing reason this dinner ended the late night service


The night of October 2 was not the first time that Mid City Grill co-owner Dave Garnett had witnessed rude or unruly customers during the dinner night shift (via Johnson City Press). But in the past it was more like “people getting drunk and behaving like idiots”, but “you never really had any escalations or guns”. During the pandemic, however, that changed for the worse. Customers have been increasingly aggressive towards restaurant employees, while acting rude and with a “total disregard” for staff and property, in general – even while eating and dashing up to $ 500 a month. week in lost dinner (via WJHL).

Then, on the night of October 2, there were two separate incidents involving customers firing guns. This disturbing development was, apparently, the last straw. As of now, the restaurant that was once known and loved by the community to serve until 4 a.m., would now limit its opening hours to 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., with a late-night menu available only on weekends. Friday and Saturday evenings.

“In general, the downtown vibe late at night seems to have changed,” Garnett told Johnson City Press, referring to the time since the restaurant reopened after the initial closures related to the 2020 pandemic. Now , “There are shootings,” he said. “There are fights galore.” And it seems Garnett’s instincts were on to something. On October 15, there was a fatal shooting at another Johnson City facility late at night.

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