The popular ABQ food truck opens its first restaurant

“Kukri means lean chicken in my language,” owner Basit Guba explained.

There’s the yogurt-based marinade and, “we use our spices and also add a New Mexican touch to it,” Guba described. “We incorporate green chili peppers into some of these recipes.”

This is the second time that the Tikka Spice world has grown. In October, they had a second food truck.

“The local community here has shown us so much support,” said Guba. “We are known for our chicken sandwich … the burgers and the curry. Our chicken sandwich is therefore our best-selling item. So I thought we were going to spin it off and start making deals. “

These offers pack a lot of heat.

“For the more daring, I would recommend the very hot,” Guba warned. “For the crazy people, I recommend the hot ones.”

Tuesday, January 11, is the opening at 505 Central Food Hall. Those who follow Kukri Chicken’s social media account can get a free item on opening day while supplies last.

“It’s a simple menu. So we have our two offerings that come on Texas Toast and it comes with a set of coleslaw and our signature Tikka sauce that we serve on our food truck, then our Kukri sandwich,” a indicated Guba.

They are also recruiting!

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