The sassy way Cardiff diners reacted when a Covid protester tried to tell them what to do

This group of diners reacted with nerve when they were challenged by a man taking part in a protest against coronavirus in Cardiff city centre.

On Saturday January 22, around 150 protesters were seen in Cardiff city centre.

Throughout the afternoon they marched in various locations around the city, such as outside the museum, at St David’s Shopping Center and down Queen Street and St Mary Street.

Protesters were seen carrying signs and chanting to passers-by. Some carried placards with messages such as: “If the government wasn’t afraid of the rules, why were you? and “passports without vaccines” written on it.

Protesters walk through the city center

Anti-vax protesters in Cardiff city center

But, as they passed people enjoying food and drink on St Mary Street, some diners had the funniest response to their claims.

Two women were seen sitting outside a restaurant as protesters marched past them.

One raised her middle finger as the crowd passed by, while the other lady shouted at them.

“Full of unvaccinated,” she says. “You are wrong, wrong, wrong.”

Then one of the protesters decided to ask where the women’s masks were, and one of the diners simply replied, “I’m outside.”

This week it was confirmed that Covid passes will still have to be used in Wales for at least three weeks, but the Welsh Government has said it will seriously consider their future when the next lockdown is reviewed.

Boris Johnson announced earlier this week that compulsory Covid passports for entering nightclubs and major events in England will end next week, although organizations can choose to use the NHS Covid pass if they wish.

Speaking at the Welsh Government’s coronavirus briefing on Friday, First Minister Mark Drakeford accused the government in Westminster of making decisions about easing restrictions not on the basis of public health, but to deflect the attention from Boris Johnson and the Downing Street ‘partygate’ scandal.

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