The Untold Truth of Carne Asada

Fast food can be convenient, but it can’t compete with the specialized expertise of a small local business. Rather than trying to do it all and jump on the bandwagon to find trending recipes to make money, Mom-and-Pops approaches her menu with pride and integrity. If you’re looking for the best carne asada in your area, look no further than a family owned restaurant for the real deal, like Taqueria de Anda in Orange County, California. When Rafael “Don Rafa” De Anda moved from Jalisco to Fullerton, he brought the traditional flavors of his original taco cart to a new scene. In fact, Taqueria de Anda continues to use the original family recipes that made the success of their original business, the Los Angeles Times reports. One of the stars of the original menu? Carne Asada. Rather than overloading the taco with fancy toppings, they stick to cilantro, onion, and salsa, allowing carne asada to take the lead in flavor.

As documented in the Netflix show Taco Chronicles, some of the best taquerias that grill carne asada can be found just across the border in Tijuana. If you are looking for a carne asada road trip, Tacos El Franc in Tijuana is a must. According to The San Diego Union-Tribune, their carne asada owes its unique taste to a marinade blend containing oranges, garlic salt, olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper and a top secret seasoning.

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