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On YouTube, there is a video claiming to know the ten best restaurants in Milton.

As of 11:07 am on October 1, it had 25 views in total, 15 of which are most likely mine.

The video itself fascinates me for a number of reasons, all unanswered questions: who is this video for? And also why are Subway and McDonald’s present here?

There are still many big names from Milton on the list as well. Where is Bri’s Fries? Where is the Arrowhead Lodge?

Never, as a journalist, have I written a story with so many questions and so few answers. But sadly, this article will only be filled with questions and interesting information, the connection between the two being uncertain at best.

The area that I have the fewest answers for you is in the creation of the video and the channel it was uploaded to.

“Top 10 Best Restaurants in Milton, Vermont” was uploaded by Restaurant Reviews Worldwide, which has approximately 4,860 subscribers and has uploaded 31,357 videos since joining the site on September 12, 2020.

“On this chain, you will find the best restaurants and places to eat in various cities around the world,” reads the “About” section. “We will start with the United States but plan to extend our service to the rest of the planet as well.”

Weirdest things to take away: The words “earth” and “planet” make the channel look like a Dr. Evil-type villain seeking to take over the world with its gruesome content.

Each of the channel’s 31,357 videos is a “Top 10” video for a different city or town in the world, of which over 300 are located in Vermont, covering towns from East Ryegate to Shelburne.

Each video opens with the same man, bald in a blue button-down shirt and black blazer.

“If you are looking for the best restaurants and places to eat in your city, then you are absolutely right about this channel,” said the unnamed man. “If you’re looking for the best restaurants in your city, our experts have created a list of the best restaurants in cities that we share with you in this video. So let’s get started! “

It always disappears abruptly followed by a strange Caribbean guitar riff and the list begins.

I’m going to make the assumption that every video is the same. I haven’t watched them all, please forgive me.

There is also something a little offbeat about what the unnamed man says in the introduction. Far enough away that I notice how grammatically incorrect the phrases “you’re absolutely right on this chain” and “the restaurants in the cities we share with you in this video”.

Moreover, which “experts” do they claim to consult? What expert could know the best restaurants in Milton, Vermont if not a resident of Milton?

If this channel has contacted you for advice on these matters, please contact us, I would like to know more.

The only link listed on their “About” page takes you to a WordPress website that is almost entirely in German.

When it comes to the actual content of the video, things get even more confusing.

The video continues as a slideshow, naming 10 different restaurants in Milton and some actually far from Milton, each with a visual behind the text which is by no means an image of the restaurant the video names, but rather an image. of stock relating to the theme of the restaurant.

YouTube Stone Throw Pizza

For example, Stone’s Throw Pizza, which is listed in the video and not in Milton, appears in front of a photo of a generic margarita pizza. The photo for The Milton Diner is just a modern looking dining table with a neon sign hanging on the wall.

The restaurant Milton YouTube

The Milton Diner is simply unlike anything like it.

The strangest of these is the photo of Madeline’s Bakery which is a juicy, cheesy burger with Texas cut fries and coleslaw.

Now, I don’t claim to be an expert in baking, but let’s just say I’ve been to a few. I love my fair share of scones and I’ve never seen a pub-style burger on a bakery menu and there’s nothing far resembling a burger on Madeline’s menu.

Here is a list of restaurants whose video names, which the description makes clear, are not in any particular order:

  • Champlain Islands Candy Lab Café
  • Rick’s Grill
  • Madeline bakery
  • Milton restaurant
  • Metro
  • Lucky wok
  • Zacharias Pizza
  • Mcdonalds
  • Erica’s American restaurant
  • Stone throw pizza

It is important to note here that Champlain Islands Candy Lab Cafe, Erica’s American Diner, and Stone’s Throw Pizza are not in Milton.

The video ends when the man returns to ask viewers to leave comments listing their favorite restaurants in Milton.

Since the experts here don’t seem to know much about your city, I don’t trust them with your answers.

List your favorite restaurants in Milton in the comments here! Please feel free to email me telling me of a place you would like to see us cover or if you just want to let me know the best places around.

Contact me anytime at [email protected]

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