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Insomnia Cookies, 1401 W. 23rd St., is pictured in October 2021.

I have long thought it could be argued that cookies should come first. (That’s why I admire the makers of Cookie Crisp cereal. They categorically recommend eating a bowl of cookies to start the morning.) I’m not sure if a bowl of cookies is involved, but I have some first thoughts. news of a cookie. A cookie store will become the first commercial tenant of a mixed-use apartment and retail complex on 23rd Street.

Insomnia Cookies is opening a store on the ground floor of the Proxi Lawrence multi-story apartment / retail building at 1401 W. 23rd St.

If you remember, Proxi is the 330-room apartment complex that also has approximately 8,000 square feet of retail space on the site that once housed UNI Computers, George’s Hobby House, Copy Co. and several others. businesses that occupied space in the old shopping center.

Proxi’s apartments started to fill in early 2021, but the commercial part of the project has been slow to develop. Insomnia takes the plunge to become the first, and it does so with a business model that relies on being late – like opening very late to satisfy cookie cravings.

The company’s website claims it delivers cookies to your door until 3 a.m. This could be a clue to where this business started: a college town.

The company was born in a dormitory at the University of Pennsylvania, with the concept of delivering hot cookies to other students. Since then, the company has grown to more than 180 locations nationwide, including a few in Kansas City and one on the Kansas State campus.

I spoke briefly with a representative from the company who was in town to set up the store, and he said he expected the Lawrence location to open in the next week.

He referred further questions to a company spokesperson, and I have questions at this office. But mainly I have one question running through my head: what is “cookie butter” other than a mix of two of the most spectacular words on any menu?

This is because Insomnia sells something called cookie butter. From the website, it appears to be a sweet, chocolate-based spread that you can spread on a cookie or use as a “dip for cookies, apples, pretzels, and more. Moreover”. Is this another word for frosting? I don’t know, but again I applaud the courageous recognition that the frosting can be used as a dip. (Really brave would have been to include in the list of items that can be soaked, finger # 1, finger # 2, finger # 3.)

The store also offers what’s called a “cookie butter bomb,” which appears to be a cookie and ice cream with a big scoop of cookie butter sort of in the middle of that creation.

Of course, the more traditional cookies are also a big part of the menu. There are the standard chocolate chips, M & Ms, raisin oatmeal, peanut butter, and other such creations. Deluxe varieties include a peanut butter cup version, oatmeal chocolate nut, salted caramel, and several more.

Brownies are also on the menu, and as I mentioned, ice cream too. This allows the company to make a variety of cookie ice cream sandwiches.

In addition to delivering to students, it appears that much of the business of the business is delivered to businesses or events. The company makes cookies in different sizes, depending on the occasion, and offers a party package that includes 300 cookies.

I know what you are thinking: how to wash 300 cookies? It is a herd of cows. Yes, the store menu includes ice milk.

I have yet to hear if the company plans to offer delivery throughout Lawrence or will focus on a smaller area of ​​town. Additionally, the website touts the 3 a.m. delivery, but also said some places have cut delivery closer to midnight. If I get additional details, I will forward them.


In other news and notes I will briefly mention a few other developments that I check out.

A new Mexican restaurant is coming downtown. Molcajete’s Tacos & Tequilas arrives at 941 Massachusetts St., the place that once housed the Italian restaurant Genovese.

I don’t have any further details about Molcajete, but if the name sounds familiar to you, a molcajete is a Mexican version of a mortar and pestle. Maybe there is something interesting you can do with tequila and a molcajete. In fact, I’m pretty sure it does.

The other quick note concerns the old Shark’s Surf Shop storefront. As we reported last year, Shark’s closed its store at 813 Massachusetts St. after a long drive through downtown Lawrence. The store has been empty since, but there is now a sign that GameNut Entertainment will open there.

GameNut, which sells all kinds of board and video games, collectible cards, comics, and other similar merchandise, is currently located across the street at 844 Massachusetts.

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