Trece, adjacent to the Las Vegas Cannabis Dispensary, has something tasty for almost every craving

Lounges dedicated to legal cannabis consumption should start popping up in the Valley later this year, but none will likely have the indoor perk that Planet 13 already enjoys.

Once the sprawling “cannabis hypermarket and entertainment complex” opens its two-story, 8,500 square foot consumer lounge, it will have a cure at hand for the post-consumer cravings destined to ensue. Trece Eatery + Spirits, located just inside the front doors of Planet 13, is that remedy, and it’s ambitious.

The airy, greenhouse-like dining room is large, which must be the case to accommodate a menu that includes seafood, salads, burgers, breakfast dishes, inspired dishes southern, Mexican dishes, desserts, cocktails and pizzas.

Even someone who hasn’t used cannabis in a month can feel slightly intoxicated by the wealth of offerings on Executive Chef Manny Sanchez’s menu. The “to share” appetizer menu alone includes a flamboyant chili con queso ($12), served in a cast-iron skillet; fried calamari ($15), with roasted poblanos and Old Bay aioli; pan-fried tiger prawns wrapped in bacon ($14); buttermilk chicken tenders with your choice of sweet, savory or creamy dips ($13); and a plate of hummus and vegetables with garlic flatbread and toasted pumpkin seeds ($12). You could easily cook a meal without leaving this section, and a lot of people probably do.

The starters are just as diverse. If you’re cooked just enough to be hungry but not enough to binge, you can feast on healthy items like Trece’s protein bowls, loaded with roasted corn, black beans, pico de gallo, baked rice and your choice of blackened chicken shrimp protein ($17-$21), or the Planet Grain salad, with its mix of baby kale, farro, quinoa, cucumber, shredded radishes, cherry tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette (14 $).

Or you can jump straight into rib-stickers, which Trece has plenty of. Consider the shrimp and lobster pappardelle ($24) served in a creamy cognac sauce. Or the flamboyant fajitas, which come with your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or vegetables, and with homemade corn or flour tortillas ($18-$23). And don’t sleep on the Southern classics, which include chicken and waffles ($21), shrimp and grits ($24), and a spice-rubbed Cajun roast half-chicken ($23), plated with mashed potatoes. creamy garlic potatoes.

Add to that a selection of mimosas in blood orange, lychee and desert pear flavors ($10-$12, available bottomless on weekends $20-$25) and a dessert menu ranging from cannoli to fried ice cream and flan with dulce de leche. , and you have more than a few decisions to make.

Trece’s cooking, in deference to your probable state of happy, floating, snacked euphoria, strives to make all of these choices worthwhile.

TRECE CATERING + SPIRITS 2548 W. Desert Inn Road, 702-665-6701, Thursday to Monday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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