U.S. Senate recognizes Lisa’s Fifth Street Diner


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – “Welcome”

It’s a sign that has hung at Lisa’s Fifth Street Diner since owner Lisa Parker opened her business 11 years ago. And today, Senator Rand Paul honored the US Senate Small Business of the Week Dinner.

“Very honored, very grateful, very emotional,” Parker said.

Community leaders from Bowling Green came to celebrate Paul’s handover of the restaurant.

“Over 50 percent of small businesses fail to do this. So the fact that they’ve been here for 11 years, it’s a competitive market, there are other little breakfast places here in town as well. But the fact that they’ve done it means they’re doing something right. This is what we need, we need people with this motivation, this innovation and really this risk to start a business, not knowing if it will be successful or not, but they have done a great job in being successful here ”, a Paul said.

But it means so much more to Lisa than that. Lisa survived a pandemic as a small business owner.

“It’s tough. But we had a lot of good customers coming in every day. Some of them came twice for breakfast and they came back for lunch,” Parker said.

And Lisa, who has battled cancer, has never stopped working

“Sometimes I think if it hadn’t been for this place, I would have. I never would have given up, but it helped me. Some clients got so mad at me for sitting still. I really didn’t do anything. I would just like to sit down. And they would say what you’re doing here. And I would say, ‘I just had to come. “And I would just sit there for 2-3 hours and then come home and it would be fine,” Parker said.

Lisa said this award gives her continued hope for the future.

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