Visalia resident invited to Lizzo to cook viral TikTok recipes


FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) – A Visalia TikTok star’s dream came true this week after popular singer Lizzo invited her to cook at her Los Angeles home.

Alejandra Tapia, who was born in Mexico but raised in Visalia, cooked for Lizzo on Saturday. She said she was still in disbelief, but that she hopes her story inspires others, that no matter where you are from, anything is possible.

“Inside of me, I was like eeeekk,” Tapia said. “But I didn’t want to be so obvious, but I just wanted her to enjoy her food and everything,” Tapia explained.

Tapia, known to her followers as @ NanaJoe19, started posting videos of the lunches she made for her husband at Tik Tok about a year ago.

“Every time I was going to check out and I was like oh my god it’s at 17K,” Tapia said. “My channel just took off.”

The @ NanaJoe19 account has gone viral and now has over 4 million followers.

Lizzo commented on a few videos and asked Tapia to cook for her, but there was a catch.

“I was like, ‘She’s vegan, what am I supposed to do? Tapia asked. “I don’t know of any vegan recipes; I’ve only done one in my entire life.

Tapia spent three days in the kitchen perfecting her recipes, then headed to Lizzo’s in Los Angeles for the review session. It was obvious from Lizzo’s reaction that Tapia had passed the test.

Tapia still doesn’t believe her dreams are coming true, especially because as an immigrant child she said she had little hope.

“Be prepared to clean the toilet for the rest of your life,” she said. “That’s literally what they would tell us.”

Her story is an inspiration for the next generation to never give up.

“So I want young people to know that just because you are an immigrant, just because your parents don’t have money, just because you don’t have money or you have been in trouble a times or something like that, there is hope and I am an example, ”Tapia said.

Tapia plans to work with organizations and schools in the future to give cooking classes in the near future. She is also considering opening a food truck. Lizzo has already invited her to come back and cook a second time.

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