‘Your ideas will only work if you do’ | Andy Garcia Foods founder and CEO will be laid to rest on Thursday

Andrew ‘Andy’ Garcia recently passed away after a massive heart attack. But his multi-faceted legacy lives on.

SAN ANTONIO – Louis Garcia finds peace during a time of heartbreak. He is one of six children, and five are still alive. Their brother, Andy Sr, is dead, as is matriarch Delia. Now the Garcias are preparing for their father’s funeral on Thursday.

“Of course it hurts,” Garcia said. “The Bible tells us there is a time for sorrow. A time for rejoicing. It hurts. But I can’t believe the peace that comes with it.”

Andrew ‘Andy’ Garcia is originally from Fall City and moved to San Antonio. His first marriage was to the late Delia Garcia – her maiden name too. Garica said the two were a team.

“His intuition and business knowledge,” he said.

The eldest Garcia worked long hours in a meat processing plant while nurturing his dream of being his own boss. This internal fire and his six children caused him and his wife to invest time in the kitchen.

“A $15 investment that they struggled with,” Garcia said. “They thought and prayed before investing $15 to start their barbacoa business.”

The Garcia barbacoa was so good that Andy Garcia started cutting his hours, and his bosses gave him the grace to do so.

“One of his favorite sayings was that your ideas wouldn’t work unless you did,” Garcia said.

The Garcias came up with a chorizo ​​recipe that would change their lives forever. The father and businessman started bringing his product to stores.

“He started going locally to HEB stores and went straight to market officials and sold directly from store to store,” his son said.

After Andy Garcia Foods opened its doors in the mid-1960s, the business quickly expanded across the state and nation.

“He was a man committed to excellence in his product, to excellence in customer service,” Garcia said. “And that’s what helped the company grow in the mid-1970s.”

Outside of work, Andy Garcia made sure that all of his children helped his business in the early years and went to college. Louis Garcia is a dentist in the Dominion area, and his siblings have had just as much success, if not more. All from the seeds of a pioneer of Mexican cuisine.

“The legacy he created, the spirit of generosity and compassion is what will pass through the generations,” Garcia said.

The businessman also served at Cornerstone Church, of which he became a member in 1973. He loved sports, but giving was his real hobby.

Garcia’s father has had a heart attack in recent years. But at the end of August, a massive cardiac arrest was difficult to overcome.

“He was without oxygen for 30 minutes,” Garcia said. “And when they resuscitated him for a day and a half, it was obvious from the first test that there was brain damage.”

He was on life support until August 29 — the morning of his death. With loved ones nearby, the formidable businessman left this world.

For his son, this moment gave him peace and confidence that his father’s light will shine.

“There’s an expression of what you’re doing that speaks so loudly that I can barely hear what you’re saying,” Garcia said. “My father was a very quiet leader, but he was a very deep leader by his actions.”

Visiting is at Cornerstone Church on Wednesday, September 14 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. His final services will be Thursday, September 15 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. in Cornerstone.

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